Do you have my date available?

When you send us an inquiry we look at the date you specified to see if it is available. If it is not, we will let you know as soon as possible.

What do I need to do secure my date?

After viewing the space you’re interested in booking, we will send you a contract for you to sign online, as well as an invoice for your deposit, which is 50% of the total venue cost. A 3.5% service fee will be charged per invoice. Deposit must be paid at signing.

Can you hold my date before I sign my contract/pay my invoice?

While we try and accommodate people who may need some time to make what we know is a very important decision, we cannot actually hold your date until your deposit is paid and we receive your signed contract.

When is my balance due?

The balance for venue cost and other packages are due 30 days before your event.

What does an event typically look like there?

We take ambiance very seriously, lighting & décor are already taken care of at any of our venues. We have created beautiful backdrops for your event that are easy to personalize, but impressive enough to leave alone.

How are events usually structured?

We offer a lot of flexibility in the way your night plays out, we make use of our different rooms and the outdoor spaces (as well as multiple venues) which enables us to create lots of opportunities for special moments. Using music and other subtle cues, we can carry your guests through the night in a way that keeps them intrigued by the space and engaged in the expression of you.

What is the capacity at each venue?

Branch No. 3: Standing – 200, Seated – 120

Mill No. 1: Standing – 120, Seated – 60

The Garden House: Standing – 200, Seated – 30

Note that these numbers are general estimates and subject to change. Every event requires its own set of parameter, and we work with individual clients to maximize the use of our venues. 

Can I have my ceremony and reception there?

Yes, we have lovely spaces and architectural elements to frame your ceremony.

Can I choose the caterer?

Absolutely, Church & Company has an open catering policy.

Can I have a food truck?

Yes! We love food trucks and have an area at all locations to accommodate them.

Can I have live music?

Live music is welcome at all venues, with a noise restriction of 11pm at Branch No. 3.

Are there any alcohol restrictions?

You are welcome to bring your own alcohol from wherever you wish.

Are there any time restrictions?

All venues need the premises cleared by 12:00 midnight.

Can I have candles?

Definitely. We provide lots of candlelight, and we always welcome more.

How many bathrooms do you have?

All venues have bathroom. Branch No. 3 has one main bathroom, and there are plans to install multiple stalls in the basement. Mill No. 1 will have four stalls with an open vanity, and The Garden House has a bathroom accessible from the outside. 

Is there a dressing room?

Branch No. 3 has a dressing room that can also serve as private quarters for one or both people to be wed, as well as family members (younger or older) or anyone needing a private room.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

You can bring your own alcohol from anywhere you choose. We offer services to help you decide on quantity, suggested distributors, and custom cocktails.

Are you insured?


Are the venues wheelchair accessible?

Branch No. 3 is wheelchair accessible.

Is there parking?

Each venue has its own parking options; we are happy to discuss them further with you.

Are the venues accessible via public transportation?

Yes, the Purple Line of the Circulator takes you down to Branch No.3. The Garden House is a few blocks from the Light Rail, and a 10 minute walk to Mill No. 1. 

Are there places in the area for my family to stay?

The downtown area and all of its accommodations are very close by.

How did Church & Company get started?

Church & Company began as a restoration project in 2011 that was financed in part by events. The idea came to Alex Fox after hosting his friend's wedding in an old church he was living in and renovating. As the project grew, he began hosting music and theatre shows, burlesque acts, film screenings, photo and vide shoots, and historical society meetings. In order to help, his friend, Joseph Faura joined him as maître d' and front of house during events, and designed posters and flyers for several shows. As word spread and they began to host private parties and small weddings, the company began to form. The two decided to start Church & Company LLC in August of 2016, and have since expanded beyond the initial project. Kate Leonard partnered with Alex and Joseph in Spring of 2017, as the in-house events coordinator, and her role as expanded to head of operations. Alex is responsible for historic preservation and restoration, and Joseph handles the visual marketing and design. They continue to form partnerships with individuals, organizations and businesses to bring new life back to historic buildings and properties, all while helping people host creative and unique events.

What makes Church & Company different than other event venues?

Church & Company is more than a venue; we are an ongoing restoration project fueled by events. When you book with us, you are becoming part of our story, part of our community. We are passionate about each and every event and thrive on creativity and vision.

Can you help me with my vision and design?

We would love nothing more. We offer lots of tailored services from graphic design to event styling to full service wedding planning.

What is included in the price?

Each booking fee includes different facilities for each venue. Ask us about our rates.

Can I rent the space hourly?

Our venues are available for hourly rentals during the week. Saturday dates must book a full-day package. 

Who will be there the day of my event?

Depending on the package you choose, a member of our small staff will be with you the day of your event.

Where are you located?

Branch No. 3 – 1401 Light Street

Mill No. 1 – 3000 Falls Road

The Garden House – 1128 West 33rd Street

Do you a private area for me and my family?

Branch No. 3 has a private room..

Do you do more than one event in one day?

We do not have more than one event per venue in one day.

What are your office hours?

12:00 pm - 7:00 pm M, W, F

How do I contact you?

Via e-mail: