Get your boyfriend to miss you?

BF miss me

Many people use to say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

While you are under love relationship than your boyfriend will get attracted by your smile, talking ways, texting with care and even by your behavior.

Then suddenly if you have been spread from your boyfriend, on that time you will be in different time zone and different directions for n number of days, he will starts to miss u madly and not only you, also your action and care.

How to make my BF miss me?

If you love someone then you have to spend a long time with him and it’s too quiet nature but if you need to make him miss you, then spend less time with him because your availability with him will spoil the absence time of you.

Kindly provide the time-space for your partner to think about you and your love.

When you receive the message from your boyfriend then please wait for some time and make your reply.

By doing this type of action, he will wait for your reply and he too imagines your response, this will increase the emotional contact between both of them.

When you and your partner are held up with the long-time conversation in mobile chats, remember that you are the first person to end up the conversation because he will even think about you after you stop the conversation.

Cook the delicious food for your partner and made him taste it for some days. When you not in town and your partner will miss your food and think about you.  Even in this way you get boyfriend to miss you.

Do not propagate your boyfriend to enjoy the weekend with his friends, at the time of his enjoyment he will surly miss you at that weekend.

boyfriend to miss you

When you block the gateway for a weekend party of your partner then he will get depressed and angry with you. The boyfriend would not miss you.

When you behave like a good friend instead of a lover. He will miss more on your absence because a friendly relationship is more attractive than their original relationship.

Kindly avoid some harsh text and formal messages with your boyfriend and make some romantic narration to attract. When you are unable to text, then he will miss you very badly?

And the last thing is don’t blame your partner for any reason. If he misses any important dates of you kindly tell him and show him how you feel for that day and please don’t blame for the past.

The above mentioned are the ways to make your boyfriend miss.