Treat the flowers with aspirin

fresh flower

Flowers are the common gift of any of the functions, for example, we receive many bouquets for many anniversary arrangements.

The gorgeous bunch of flowers will not spoil till the end of the span. The actual life of the flowers will be less than one day but we can increase the life span of the flowers with some techniques.

From many techniques, the best one is an aspirin.

When we buy the flowers we have to cut the stem of the flowers to some extent by doing this the water will flow through the steam and keep the flower fresh and the notable point is to cut the steam with one angle to set the flower in the bottle filled with vase and aspirin.

aspirin in flower water

Kindly remove the peals of the flowers especially in the rose because it from the water the bacteria will spread to the flowers and the peals in the flowers are mainly to absorbers the bacteria from the external sources and through this, we have to cut the peals in the flowers to avoid the effect of the bacteria.

Avoid the sunlight and keep the flowers in room temperature to last longer for a day. Please avoid the areas like a window, under the ceiling fans, heating or cooling vent because this place will help the flowers to dehydrate quickly.

Aspirin in flower water:

Aspirin is to mix with the vase water and dip the flowers in it while mixing the aspirin in flower water will reduce the PH level of the water and by decreasing it, water will travel to the flower through steam, ultimately aspirin keeps the flower fresh.

In the aspirin the main chemical is salicylic acid, this chemical will help to improve the plant defense system higher and it will last for longer.

Remember that water should be mix with aspirin at the correct level if the water gets increased the aspirin will become ineffective. If the aspirin gets increased then water it will become a negative shade.

Aspirin should mix in clean water before transfer into a vase. Many reports said that aspirin will kill the diseases and insects in the plants and also it will strengthen the levels and steam.

Remember that whenever you change the water you need to add the aspirin freshly. This aspirin many cause headaches for us rarely. And in the straight line, the aspirin will prolong the cut flowers (steam).