How to grow the hair by cinnamon and honey?

A lot of people are dealing with hair loss; there is a homemade alternative treatment for this problem by using cinnamon.

Usually cinnamon is good for natural hair and also used to stimulate the growth of scalp, it will help to improve the flow of nutrients rich blood to the hair.

It will also help to low blood sugar and blood pressure and pump the blood circulation to lips and fine lines with the growth of the scalp. It contains many antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients with help in the growth of hair and skin.

The ultimate result of using cinnamon is to grow the hair. Then it also helps to remove the sunspots on the skin and also can rebuild the scalps.

grow the hair

Kindly note that some of the skins are too sensitive for it to use so prior before using it into the scalp test it with the forearm or hand, the feel of the paste will be a warm tingle and it should not burn.

Preparation and pros of cinnamon for natural hair:

When the cinnamon is mixed with honey the result will be good. Kindle combine 1 tablespoon of runny honey and cinnamon, blend them both in high speed and add some olive oil to the mixture and the result will be like a paste.

Then apply it into your scalp and wait for 10-15 minutes and then wash the hair with an ordinary shampoo or any conditioner. Use this once in a week then your hair growth will be in excellent form.


This paste will not make your hair growth it also makes the hair lightening because cinnamon is combined with honey.

Many hair oils are produced with the combinations of cinnamon and honey because it will not only help in the growth of hair, it will also thicken the hair and grows the density and wash out dandruff.

Cinnamon with coconut oil will also make the best combination for hair growth. The above mentioned are all the benefits of cinnamon for natural hair.