How does honey lighten your hair?

We can lighten hair naturally with honey; it is a homemade natural highlighter treatment which needs patience and perseverance. It is an organic hair highlighter which is based on the honey as we have chosen.

The peroxide in the honey will not damage the hair; it will retain the moisture on skin and hair. We can prepare the natural honey lighter in the home itself and the preparation will take 10-15 min, then after applying it have to wait for 2 hours to react with hair.

Natural Ingredients:

Kindly take the distilled water to mix the honey because tap water contains the minerals and that minerals will react with honey. And take a piece of cardamom which holds a large amount of peroxide but it will burn your skin and scalp.


Please stay away from cinnamon which contains additional peroxide than cardamom. The optional element is olive oil or coconut oil which is a pure virgin.

More than coconut oil the olive oil contains a large amount of peroxide. The mixture is to be 4 times the amount of distilled water to honey, based on the weight calculation takes place (30 grams of honey = 120 grams of distilled water).


In the room temperature, kindly mix the water and honey as per the mentioned calculation in the bottle.

Then add the piece of cardamom in the mixture and shake it well and just keeps it for one hour to settle and after an hour the mixture will produce the peroxide.

lighten hair


Then after one hour opens the bottle and apply the mixtures in the head with roots of the hair, do this slowly so that the hair can absorb the mixture.

After you apply, put the shower cap on your head and stay wet for an hour so that the ingredients will start to light the hair with honey.

After an hour, open the shower cap, now honey as done its work and then wash the hair with water twice. Now, honey makes your hair lighter and it is purely based on a natural way.